Our virtual companion to the conference in Marseille provided visitors with in-depth information about the participating cities and organisations.

Client: EU

Category: Virtual Conference

Date: 2022

The virtual conference took place in March 2022. It accompanied a physical event taking place in Marseille. The 9th European Summit of Regions and Cities featured more than 50 organizations and each of them had a virtual stand in our Generic Virtual Exhibition Hall.

This time we evolved our service by creating truly dynamic stands with a very simple UI for the exhibitors, who were able to fill in the texts, links, and materials themselves. Participating organizations and cities were able to choose between several default stands and customize them by adding their logos and colours.

Visitors can explore the space by moving around by means of cursors or by simply teleporting to points of interest. Each stand featured PDFs, videos, and a short description of the organization, together with the necessary links and photographs.

To spice it up, we provided the organizers of the event detailed analytics of the visits to the virtual conference, including data about the traffic and details about the attendees, such as where they came from and what they were interested in viewing.