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Photorealistic Platform

  • Show your products just as they are!
  • Renders of your products do not lose any quality in the virtual showroom.
  • Configure products in unlimited colour and model combinations.


  • The virtual showroom can be connected to your online shop.
  • Increase sales through this new innovative channel.
  • Assist your visitors in real time by means of sales representative avatar.


  • Tailor-made designs that satisfy your company’s specific needs.
  • Choose from our free 3D templates.
  • Fully adaptable branding.


  • Your customers can engage with products and see them in action
  • Communicate with customers through speech and text messages
  • Your sales representative can take your customers for guided tours

Other Features

24/7 availability

Customers can visit the virtual showroom at any time, without needing to schedule an appointment or wait for business hours.

Increased reach

Your virtual showroom can be accessed by customers from anywhere in the world, increasing the potential customer base.


Virtual showrooms can track customer interactions and provide valuable data on customer behavior and preferences in real time.

Available on all devices

Generate a URL-shareable metaverse experience with the click of a button – accessible across devices.

Direct access via a browser

No need to install any software or application.

Cost effective and sustainable

Building and maintaining a physical showroom can be expensive, but a virtual showroom can be created and maintained at a much lower cost. A virtual showroom reduces the need for a physical showroom or the resources required to build and maintain one.


Customers can preview products and make purchasing decisions from the comfort of their home or office.

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