We offer avatars in all our spaces. Users may customize them prior to entering the virtual experience. The avatars can communicate directly in the virtual spaces by speaking or writing text messages to each other. We also support guided tours, talks, and more.



Our Configurator feature can now be integrated into all spaces. It enables visitors to change the colour or other characteristics of a certain product in the space or the entire space. This feature is specifically useful for e-commerce websites as it enables visitors to also purchase the so-configured products directly in the virtual space.



All our virtual spaces offer plenty of opportunities for branding. Some of the options are posters, banners, visible logos, brand color highlights, titled entrances, and more.



We are striving to make our platform as intuitive and user-friendly as possible. We constantly quality-check the UX of our virtual spaces and admin pages. We provide clients with an opportunity to enter their content themselves via the intuitive admin page, where clients may add their brand specific information, products, and more.



Finally start selling your real estate like it is the 2020s! Let clients walk freely through your properties. Give them guided tours with your customizable virtual avatar and 3D (spatial voice) sound. Enable your clients to show their potential new property to friends and family by themselves.

Try it out, its simple: import your existing 3D AutoCAD or ArchiCAD project files or any render scenes (3ds Max, Rhinoceros 3D, Twinmotion, etc.) and they become instantly available to your clients, who can then walk through them. You can then start adding advanced functionality (3D hotspots, videos, PDFs, a floor Configurator, etc.) and set up your preferred surrounding.

Digital twin

Expand the reach of your physical stores, museums, galleries, exhibition halls, or any other physical space by providing a digital twin.

The digital twin and the physical space can be tightly coupled:

Events from the physical space can be live-streamed into the digital twin.

Virtual-only parts from the digital twin can be made available in the physical space via turnkey solutions using VR glasses.

Your employees can service physical and virtual clients at the same time using AR glasses.

Virtual conferences

Fast information sharing and deep collaboration online that does not stop at 2D.

Present and share 3D objects naturally inside 3D spaces.

But you are not limited to 3D objects; we also support all the 2D formats you are already used to: video, PDFs, images, text, etc.

Upload files via our control panel, choose your stand type and colours, and they will appear inside your 3D exhibition hall.

Galleries and museums

Create immersive 3D experiences for your visitors via a simple web-based control panel.

  1. Upload scanned images of your artworks.
  2. Choose from a variety of frames.
  3. Place the artworks into the 3D gallery space.
  4. Add INTERACTIVE POINTS with information about the artworks.

Our gallery is the most photorealistic we have seen so far, so don’t delay: try us out!

We also support direct sales from right inside the 3D space.

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